Effective ways on how to get rid of a wasps’ nest

Wasps have painful stings that can cause painful injuries and in other cases can lead to death. These insects may sometimes build nests on your house, on trees and underground near your home thus posing grave danger to you and your family. That said you need to know how to get rid of a wasps nest with minimum risk to yourself.

Wasps can build their nests above or below ground and when above ground, on trees, below roofs and other parts of your home, hence different approaches are required for dealing with these two types of nests.

Before you go ahead to remove the wasps’ nets, the first step is to make sure you wear protective clothing, in this case rubber clothing, making sure to fully cover your body from wasp stings. When removing hanging wasps nest you will then proceed to use a pressurized bomb and promptly follow the instructions on the bomb’s cover which indicates method of use.

The bomb is usually shot at the wasps’ nest’s opening and while doing so make sure to do it from a safe distance. Aside from using a bomb you can also procure special wasp sprays which you will deploy using a nozzle sprayer. The good thing about using a nozzle sprayer is the fact that it has a far reach hence you can do the job from a safe distance of up to 20 feet.

You can also light a small fire below a hanging wasp’s nest. The smoke created by the fire will kill the wasps and those that are not dead will be irritated into abandoning the nest.

Wasps with underground nests are relatively easier to deal with. After wearing protective clothing, you need to equip yourself with gasoline or kerosene. You also need a large, wet cloth. A towel will also suffice and lastly you need a shovel.

The first step is to douse a generous amount of the fuel on the wasp’s nest opening after which you immediately proceed to cover the opening with the wet cloth.

The purpose of the wet cloth is to prevent the fuel’s fumes from escaping which will work to kill the wasps after which you can cover the area using your shovel.

After effectively removing the wasps nest you lastly need to make sure to take preventative measures to bar the wasps from building nest near your home in future. The first measure is sealing garbage cans and making sure the compound around your house is frequently cleaned as the garbage and dirt attract wasps.

Wasps are also attracted by fruits so if there are fruit trees around your house you should make sure to pluck from trees and pick fallen fruits as they are a wasp magnet. In the event that your wasp problem gets out of hand, you should make sure to contact your local pest expert and have the job done professionally.

A point of thumb when doing wasp nest removal is to do the exercise at night. This is because the wasps are less active at night as compared to daytime. A warning tip when getting rid of wasps is never to use regular insecticides as some of them don’t work and will cause the wasps to be irritated thus attacking those near the nest.